Podcast: All About Your Pelvic Floor Health

In today’s podcast, you will hear my guest, Dr. Lindsey Paczkowski, @postpartumperformance talk about pelvic health for women throughout the lifecycle of a woman’s life. Dr. Lindsey Paczkowski is a Performance Physical Therapist and a Pelvic Health and Postpartum Specialist. Lindsey’s work passion includes building movement confidence for new moms and women seeking to live […]

REAL TALK: Ask me anything about your cycle health

Want to know one of my secrets to have a smooth and regular menstrual cycle? The format I use to help regulate my cycle, with no surprises! How balances hormones during different phases of my cycle to prevent breakouts, regulates thyroid hormone levels, and reduce water retention. In the REAL TALK, I will break down the steps […]

Toning and Strengthening the Female Reproductive Health

For centuries, women have used herbs to take care of their hormonal system. Generations of grandmother and mothers from ancient cultures have passed on wisdom and knowledge of herbal combinations to regulate period, ease pain, help with the process of childbirth, and ease menopause. BioScience has now identified ingredients in certain herbs, called plant steroids […]

Tea for your flow(period)

Tea for your flow(period)

Do you get cramping, headache or migraine before your period? Or moody, sadness or slightly depressed? This is herbal tea I make every month to help with all the symptoms of my flow. No more sadness before my period for sure! Check it out! Flow tea helps me to reduce pain, cramping, headache, migraine, bloating, […]

Sweet Snacks and more

During this shelter in place, do you find yourself snacking more? Opening the fridge to look for ‘something’ sweet in the afternoon although you might not be hungry? I’m all about balancing hormones, getting more energy, and how to live better. There is no one person who wouldn’t benefit by eliminating added sugars from their […]

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