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Many first-time patients have a lot of questions about TCM & Acupuncture. We are a wealth of information and want to educate everyone we can. Acupuncture, Zhēn Jiǔ (針灸), has a history spanning almost 3000 years. The word Zhēn (針) means needle, and Jiǔ (灸) is fire on a needle or known as moxa or moxibustion. The original word acupuncture uses needles to burn the herb mugwort (Artemesia Vulgaris or Artemesia Argyii). Classically, the needles and moxa always go hand in hand. Mugwort has been used in tandem with acupuncture for as long as acupuncture existed.

According to the earliest book written of Chinese Medicine, compiled around 305-204 B.C, Lingshu (Miraculous Pivot or Spiritual Pivot, (靈樞), which is one of the two parts of Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, 黃帝內經) states that “A disease that may not be treated by acupuncture may be treated by moxibustion”.

With the long history of acupuncture in China and throughout East Asia, it is a comprehensive healthcare system based on the natural energetic laws of the universe. Man is a microcosm of the universe where birth, growth, and death are biological processes. Acupuncture is a potent medicine to prevent disease, strengthen the immune system, and increase health and quality of life.

With many controlled studies and trials done, the effectiveness of acupuncture has been proven to treat many diseases, symptoms, and conditions. The World Health Organization (WHO) compiled a list of conditions for which acupuncture has shown definite therapeutic effects. The list is not exhaustive but includes the following:

Musculoskeletal & Physical Pain
Back / Lumbar / Sciatica / Neck / Shoulder / Knee / Carpal Tunnel / Tennis Elbow / Muscle Aches / Sprains / Strains / Osteoarthritis / Rheumatoid Arthritis / Fibromyalgia / Muscle / Chronic pain / Facial Pain /Tendonitis

Mental & Emotional
Stress / Anxiety / Depression (including depressive neurosis following stroke) / Insomnia / Tension Headache

Digestion Disorders
Bloating / Heartburn / Acid Reflux / Nausea / Constipation / IBS / Diarrhea / Gastritis / Indigestion / Colitis / Bacillary Dysentery

Women’s Health
Infertility / Menopause / PMS / Menstrual Problems / UTI / Cystitis / Endometriosis / PCOS / Fibroids / Delayed labor / Frequent Miscarriage / Morning Sickness / Pre and Post Natal Care / Induction of labor / Correction of Malposition of fetus (Breech presentation)

Neurological Disorder
Trigeminal neuralgia / Bell’s palsy / Neuropathy / Radiculopathy / Paralysis / Stroke rehabilitation / Meniere’s disease / Neurogenic bladder dysfunction / Intercostal neuralgia / Carpal tunnel syndrome / Chronic fatigue syndrome / Multiple sclerosis / Parkinson’s disease

Respiratory Disorder
Common Cold & Flu / Bronchial asthma, Allergies, Acute sinusitis, Acute Rhinitis / Acute Tonsilitis

Acute conjunctivitis / Central retinitis / Myopia (in children) / Cataracts (without complications)

Fatigue / Insomnia / Hypertension / Restlessness / Essential Hypertension

Skin problems (acne, eczema, psoriasis) / cancer support


Mineral TDP Lamp
We use a TDP heat lamp coated with a formulation of 33 essential minerals for repairing and rebuilding the body. The low-heated mineral plate emits deep-penetrating, far-infrared waves, a natural energy identical to that generated by our bodies, so it is naturally absorbed into our tissues. The emitted FIR energy penetrates up to 3½ inches, stimulating microcirculation, delivering higher levels of oxygen and nutrients to the injured cells, and lessening pain while eliminating toxins and cellular waste. There are only a few ways to add Qi to the body: acupuncture, breathing, eating, moxibustion, an energetic healer, and the TDP Mineral Lamp.

Infrared Light
Infrared light therapy harnesses the healing power of infrared wavelengths of light. When infrared energy is delivered to injury sites and other painful areas, it dramatically increases circulation, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing. Infrared light works by prompting the release of nitric oxide in the body, which enhance blood flow in the immediate vicinity. This short-lived gas is crucial to the health of your arteries. This boost in blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to injured aching tissues, resulting in fast healing. It also reduces pain and inflammation.

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A private room.
A heated treatment table and a warm, cozy room.
Soothing, relaxing music.
Soft pillow and flannel sheets.
A low level of outside noise.
Gentle insertion of the needles so it is always a comfortable experience.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture has been proven to work for over 2,500+ years.

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