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How to work with me:
I only work with patients on a one on one basis so to provide them the best possible care and service. I do not answer the phone when I am in a session, with respect to the patient I am working with. The best way to reach me to leave a voicemail, email or call the receptionist and leave as much detail as possible so I can return your call after my sessions.

Before your session, we will sit down and discuss your condition, plan of care and estimated sessions. I will ask you a lot of questions about your symptoms, health, and lifestyle and you will do most of the talking. I will check your pulse and tongue and may conduct a physical exam. This information will be organized to create a complete and comprehensive diagnosis of where your Qi has become blocked or imbalanced. The diagnosis process can last from 10-15 minutes. After the diagnosis, acupuncture or other forms of traditional Chinese medicine and therapies that best suit you for the session will commence. See other therapies I use: services-and-treatments

Cost, insurance, and payment:
I do not most insurance. Call to check as things change all the time. Insurance can be complicated and only cover a certain portion of the services I provide. Year by year, acupuncture services are getting less and less reimbursement from insurance companies. Filling out pages of paperwork, chasing after payment and non-reimbursement of some services takes away the energy I have to give to my patients and creates frustration that impedes our work. The energy is best utilized to heal you and others that need them the most rather than insurance paperwork.

The work I do encompass a lot MORE than just acupuncture. The energy work & the traditional healing methods I employ are not reimbursable by insurance. Insurance does not pay for the years of cultivation of internal Qi that I use to work on you. It does not cover sound therapy and energetic healing.

I grew up in the East. This is my way of life. We have used this medicine in my family as preventative medicine, passed down from generations to generations. We treat the body before it becomes diseased.

This is my ancestral medicine. It is an alternative medicine in the west, but it is the people’s medicine in the East. I grew up with acupuncture, making herbal medicine, cooking with herbs, cultivation of the mind with meditation to heal the body, and using natural therapies for as long as I remember.

I return every year to Asia to receive training from Master practitioners and keep myself updated with seminars and conferences in and out of the country. This state requires 50 CEUs every 2 years and that means classes, advanced training, and more hands-on work. I work hard to keep my fees reasonable for the amount the training and experience that I have to serve the patients that I see.

That said, you can use your HSA + FSA plan to pay for the acupuncture portion of the service.

For your tax filing purposes, we offer receipt with details of your care to help you with some reimbursement and for your deductible at the end of the year.

What conditions do you work with?
Best way to work together:
• You are willing to commit to making the changes after our visit on your diet, lifestyle, self-care, and are open to taking herbs for your conditions if your conditions allow it.
• You can commit to a series of sessions for a minimum of two-three months. Healing does not occur in 1 session. Chronic illness will take longer to resolve.
• I welcome other therapies that you are doing: physical therapy, natural path, conventional medicine, surgery, chemotherapy, IVF and so on. Everyone has a role to play in your healing.
• Follow up with your maintenance plan to keep your conditions at bay, be that once a month or once every other month or other plans.

Not the best way:
• You are only here to do 1 session. The work we do is cumulative and builds upon each other.
• You have no Qi, either you have not eaten, have not slept for days, are intoxicated or highly medicated. In this case, you will have to seek other medical services or schedule for another time.
• You are in need of emergency help with your pain that could indicate more serious underlying conditions.
• If you don’t show up if it’s raining, or not being present during the session. Thank you for your understanding.

What health conditions do you work with?

I work with most cases of health conditions, mainly Women’s Health, Hormonal Balance, Fertility, Pain Management, Gastrointestinal Disorders, and Mental-Emotional Balancing.

Our system of healing does not zero in the ‘disease’ of the body, whether it is Bells palsy, infertility, arthritis, osteoporosis, acid reflux, PMDD or other non-pronounceable diseases’ names.

I work on correcting the imbalance of the whole body, meaning the physical blockage, mental, emotional or spiritual aspect.

How does Qi work and why do you need to feel my Qi?

The Qi, prana or vital force flows throughout the body through specific pathways called meridians. They are fourteen meridians and each one is connected to specific organs and glands. Meridian pathways are like rivers. Where a river flows, it transports life-giving fluids to nourish the land and its living beings. In the same way, meridian pathways transport life-giving Qi to nourish and energize every cell, organ, glands, tissue, and muscle. When the Qi flows freely, one enjoys good health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

An obstruction of Qi anywhere in the body is like a dam, backing up the flow in one area and restricting it in others. The blockage can hinder the distribution of nourishment the body requires to function optimally.

What can affect Qi?
Physical and emotional trauma, stress, overexertion in foods, sex, drugs, seasonal change, diet, chemical toxins, over-medication, accidents or other excessive activity that can lead to blockage and cause derangement of Qi.

If the Qi is disrupted for a prolonged period of time and excessively, or when the body is at a weakened state, then illness, pain, emotional stagnation and a host of other issues can set in.

I work to undo years of these cumulative activities on you. It takes time. The older the car, the more maintenance you will need. Or the longer you have had these issues, the longer it will take.

How do I book a session?

You can book online. You will not be charged until you come in. If you cancel within 24 hours, the cancellation fee will take effect. So please cancel before that so that others can use the time slot.

If you already purchase a package, you can schedule online using your cc to hold the slot. It will not charge you for an additional package.

I look forward to helping you with your health.

Do you treat children?

Yes, in some instance children actually respond more quickly than adults. Besides needles, acupressure or pediatric Tuina are used instead for the needle adverse.

Does acupuncture hurt?
Some sensation may be felt during acupuncture. When the needles are inserted, you might feel a slight prickling on the skin that will subside within a few seconds. During the session, some may feel tingling, heavy or a warming sensation around the local area. Others might feel a sense of peace and calm, and be so relaxed that they fall asleep. After treatment, most patients feel energized, less pain, relaxed, calm and peaceful. Many report a feeling of zen. With a skillful acupuncturist, it should not hurt. Acupuncture needles are not syringes. They are thinner than a strain of hair and most of the time, not even felt.

If you are still scared-stiff, don’t be. We’ve been practicing our own unique touch and we listen to you. We also offer Tuina Bodywork, massage, cupping and Herbal Medicine that can assist in healing as well.

What should I expect on my first time?
The typical treatment takes more time than your regular visit with your MD, with more hands-on time without the office wait. First initial visit last for about 60-7 minutes, with 15 minutes for intake where we ask a wide range of questions relating to may components of your health: physical symptoms, emotions, daily routine, diet, menstruation history (women), sleep patterns, bowel, and urinary functions and more. As Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is whole-bodydy medicine, it is essential to get a big picture of your health. We also inspect your tongue, take your pulse, look at your appearance and overall behavior and mental health. All of the data we observed is our diagnostic process in assessing your state of health and create a comprehensive treatment plan. Follow up visits will then be a shorter, 60 minutes but may last up to 2 hours depending on your treatment plan.
How many treatments do I need?
Each individual treatment plan differs depending on the condition, duration of the illness, level of pain and other complicating factors. Acupuncture jumpstarts the body into healing itself. For acute conditions, the course of treatment range from 3-10 treatments. It may be 2-3 times per week initially then, taper off to 1 time per week. For chronic conditions, the symptoms have been rooted for a longer time and will need treatment 1-2 times per week for a few months. To support the healing process, the effect of acupuncture is combined with Herbal Medicine and supplement. Once you have completed a course of treatment, you should follow up with Maintenance Treatment to prevent occurrence of the symptoms, and to feel great again. Seasonal treatments are also recommended to boost the immunity, and to prevent flus and cold when the season change.
How can I get the most of out of my treatment?
Acupuncture works cumulatively, meaning one treatment builds on the next. Each treatment accelerates the healing process in your body, and each treatment gains momentum on the last. If treatments are too far apart, we will not gain any momentum on the healing and your treatment will be much less efficient. Similar to how medications are ineffective unless you take the prescribed dose, acupuncture needs to be ‘prescribed’ frequently enough & consistently, and within an appropriate time frame to yield the desired outcome. So do not give up, stay on course and commit to your health.

For more information read our blog article “Six ways of taking care of yourself after acupuncture treatment”.

Will acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine interfere with my other care?
No, not usually. Using Eastern and Western Medicine together is a great way to an integrative health care plan. Acupuncture will not interfere with western medications or treatments prescribed by your regular doctor. However, it may enable you to reduce some forms of medication. Acupuncture has shown to reduce pain and may be able to reduce the use of narcotic pain medication. However, you should always let us know your medication as it may affect your response to acupuncture treatment. For Herbal Medicine, we always cross reference pharmaceutical drugs to enable us to custom blend herbal medicine that will not interfere with your medication. We would like to work with you and your health care team to give you the best possible care. Our scope of practice also include sending in for imaging and labs in order to give you a holistic approach to a happier and healthier you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture has been proven to work for over 2,500+ years.

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