Dr. Siatnee Chong, DACM, L.Ac
Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Acupuncturist and Licensed Herbalist for Women’s Health
Energy and Somatic Healer



I started to see Dr. Chong immediately after experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. She not only helped me heal from that experience but she also helped prepare my body for IVF. I continued my care with her throughout my IVF journey, my pregnancy, and postpartum. Her compassion and intuitive instincts are unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced. The trust she has instilled in myself and my body after the traumatic experiences I will forever be grateful for. She truthfully takes the time to listen to any and all symptoms and ensures that each session is custom tailored to what your body needs. The energy exchange is always positive and you will leave an entirely different person after her sessions. During my pregnancy, I had experienced very high blood pressure and had the opportunity to see Dr. Chong weekly and she was able to lower my blood pressure significantly without any other medication or intervention. She was the only provider aside from my IVF doctor that took the time to get to know my body which is what sets Dr. Chong as an exceptional provider. I cannot recommend her enough.”

– Amanda N.

I came to Dr. Chong because I was going through IVF and needed help with egg quality. After a few months of acupuncture, we saw great improvement. More importantly, she has supported me through what can be a pretty brutal process. I am so grateful her kindness, care and expertise.”

– Clare G.

All I can say is Dr. Chong is AMAZING!!! I have to admit I came to her as a last resort because my regular doctors have not been able to help me. It started when I became pregnant with my youngest (now 19 going on 20). I began having nightly rashes and itching all over my body every night. My OB-GYN and Primary said it would go away after I give birth…it’s a normal hormonal thing. Two years later it was still happening. So I was referred to see the Allergist, then Dermatology, and even was evaluated for depression. I was given all kinds of creams and medications to try…nothing helped. Finally, the doctors said they do not know what is causing it, and said you may need to just take Zyrtec for the rest of your life, and with that the symptoms just got worse. Unbearable and had me in tears for it to just stop. So fast forward to 2022, I heard acupuncture does wonders for other things, so I said why not! I found Dr. Chong and she even specialized in Women’s Health! PLUS!

I have to say (with tears) this is the first time in 20 years that I have finally found the relief I’ve been looking for all these years. I’ve been working with her every week for about 3-4 months now, and with each week the symptoms began to lessen to the point where i would go a whole week without one itch! I am truly truly grateful to her with all my heart!! She has made such a positive change in my life!!! She is the sweetest and most caring and patient human being. She puts things into more perspective, a different perspective to the we traditionally think and learn about medicine (Trust me I came from a medical background), and about what is going on inside us… as a woman…and it makes sense! So thank you so much for changing my life!!!”

– Maria R.

For feminine needs hold off on the medication – After just a few acupuncture sessions with Dr. Chong I was absolutely blown away how she was able to essentially adjust my hormones to make my monthly’s almost undetectable when prior I was in so much discomfort I actually went on medication to completely skip my periods. I trusted her & went off the medication. I’ve continued to see her bi-monthly; it’s amazing how long of a menu she has for health concerns she is able to help with: hair loss, weight loss, depression/anxiety, tightness in the jaw muscles…She also has a wealth of health knowledge in general, for example helping me identify missing minerals in my diet when I decided to go vegan. She is a 1 stop shop for maintaining good health.”

– Kathy C.

I Came across her wonderful practice about a month and half ago as I was experiencing hormonal imbalances. Starting with my thyroid on top of challenges with my menstration. Seeing my medical practitioner, I was told to take more vitamins and to keep on monitoring myself. I am not a newbie when it comes to acupuncture as a family member is a practicing acupuncturist and had urged me to look into alternatives and see one. Long story short, from the moment I step foot in her office to my recent appointment with her. I have felt calm and supportive in finding ways to resolve these challenges. She definitely knows how to aid in providing the proper care suited to you as an individual. All in all, I would highly recommend her, it has changed my quality of life.”

– Yumiko H.

I’ve been a patient of Dr Chong for a few years now. She worked with me to support both of my pregnancies. I can’t say enough how helpful it was during such challenging times. It was wonderful experience with a highly skilled professional.”

– Yulia F.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have found such a wonderful acupuncturist, Dr. Chong is amazing. Her calm, caring and lovely demeanor has helped me through my fertility journey. We have seen great results with her treatments along with herbs and I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially women going through hormone issues or IVF.”

– Kim F.

I cannot recommend Dr. Chong enough. Prior to seeing her, I was having issues with amenorrhea for around 8 months after stopping oral contraceptives meaning I was not ovulating. I went to my OB/GYN, did a bunch of lab tests and ultrasound only to reveal that everything seems normal. I decided to try traditional Chinese medicine instead. It was my first time trying acupuncture but I have heard great things about it so I gave it a shot. Dr. Chong is caring and she prescribed me with a bunch of herbs after each visit. After only 2 sessions, my body was ovulating. And after 4 sessions, my dry spell has been broken. I have never been so happy to see Mother Nature knocking on front my door. I am still seeing Dr. Chong just so we can make sure the natural cycles keep coming but so far, it has been a real success story for me. My only regret is that I didn’t come see Dr. Chong sooner. It would’ve saved me from months of feeling like there is something seriously wrong with me. I am now just waiting for the day I can update this review to state that I am carrying my first child! Stay tuned…”

– Annie N.

She is an amazing healer! I went to see Dr. Chong because of a severe hormonal which causes chronic insomnia, crazy hot flashes, fatigue, painful menstruation and melasma. Sorry for the TMI. During the first visit, she treated me with acupuncture and herbs. Dr. Chong was very warm and nurturing, but honestly I didn’t think anything could help me. I’ve tried everything! After the first week, I was able to sleep 6 hours and my hot flashes went away. I’m just floored.”

– Stacy M.

I went to see Dr. Chong for labor prep/pre-birth acupuncture. I was approaching my due date, had zero labor signs and was not dilated, and did not want to be induced. After doing my research, I found acupuncture can help to dilate and ripen the cervix and help prepare the body for labor to start naturally. After seeing Dr. Chong I really credit the work she did helped my labor go smoothly and quickly and I didn’t have to be induced.”

– Thomy F.

I found Dr. Chong at the perfect time in my life! Last year I was 39 with a healthy 2 year old and was trying to get pregnant again for 6 months with one miscarriage before that. My OB at the time basically said there was nothing she could do and referred me to an infertility doctor. I decided that I would try acupuncture before I dove into IVF treatments and I’m so glad I did! Dr. Chong sat with me asking me many questions, checked my pulse and tongue and then supported me with both acupuncture and herbs to get me and my hormones back on track to health. I saw her a couple of times a week and took all the herbs she gave me (the teas are tough to get down but worth it!) and believe it or not within 6 weeks I was pregnant! I’m now 9 weeks postpartum with a healthy baby boy and am so grateful to have had such a thoughtful, caring person to work with me. She listens, is very soft spoken and filled with such a beautiful loving energy. I hope to see her postpartum as well, as hormones have been a bit all over the place and I know she can help guide me in the right direction. I highly recommend her!”

– Keeley W.

I haven’t had any acupuncture done in a couple years, I had faithfully went every 6 weeks for menopause. Stopped going for the distance and my doctor kept changing. This year I was dealing with the return of intense hot flashes, very thrilled to find Sidnee up in the North Coastal area. She immediately understood my needs and got to work. Not a fan of needles I found her bedside manner great and barely noticed the needles. I was very relaxed. We also talked quite a bit about her approach and suggestions for supplementing the treatment with natural herbs. I haven’t had any returning flashes in about two months and hope to make visits with her a regular routine, not only for menopause, but because overall acupuncture treatments leave me so relaxed. Hate needles, but love this!”

– Francis C.

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