5 Common Side Effects Of Acupuncture

  •  Fatigue

Acupuncture might cause some individuals to feel tired. This usually goes away after a few weeks of treatment, although it might continue up to three days for some people. This is pretty normal at the start of a session, and it is nothing to be concerned about. It’s actually a signal that your body needs to relax and that you should take care of it. Acupuncture alone will not fully treat you; you must also practice self-care.

  • Soreness

After the treatment, the body areas where the needles were inserted may feel slightly sore. This often occurs in sensitive areas such as the hands and feet. The discomfort usually goes away after 24 hours from the treatment, although it might continue for a few days for some individuals. Another common side effect of acupuncture is muscle twitching.

  • Bruising

After acupuncture, minor bruising at the needling point is very common. This occurs when blood accumulates at the point where the needle punctures the skin. Although bruising lasts longer than soreness, it is nothing to be concerned about. Some people are prone to bruising, and others may be taking medications that can lead to bruising more easily, like blood thinners. Acupuncture should be discontinued until the bruises are gone. Otherwise, bruising may cause more harm and take longer to heal.

  • Lightheadedness

After therapy, a minority of patients suffer lightheadedness. If this is the case, take a break after the treatment. Do not get up right after the treatment; instead, rest for a while on the acupuncture table and take a few deep breaths. Make sure you’re hydrated, take a few deep breaths, and gradually shift to an upright position. Also, eat something before your session to avoid this situation.

  • Emotional outburst

During acupuncture, people might cry or become overly emotional, not because of the extreme discomfort of the procedure but because of the release of a particular amount of energy. The fact that acupuncture helps you heal both your physical and mental problems, the emotional release is also an indication that the therapy is effective.


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