I am open now as my office is considered healthcare and essential business.

My office is very safe and secure. If you need to travel to medical appointments (with a mask or scarf), I am here for you or can provide you with one when you come in.

Here’s how I’m doing it:

Safety: I only see one patient at a time. There is no waiting in the waiting room at this time. There is a 10-15-minute gap between appointments so I can thoroughly clean everything. I wipe all surfaces with sanitizer and I use protective, clean sheets and equipment for each person. I’ve always been very clean but taking it up another notch this time.

Security: My office building is very safe and secure and in a very safe part of town. I’m seeing you during normal working hours of 9 – 5 PM. If you need to see me after 5 pm, I can accommodate and travel to you if you’re immobile or pregnant (north county only).

Many have been laid off, and more layoffs are looming. Financial stress can be extremely hard on people. I’ve experienced first hand before in my previous corporate life. I know how hard it can be.

For those that are fortunate to work from home, it can be an extra challenge with kids and the whole family at home all day, every day.

Self-care is more important than ever during these uncertain times. Stress has a horrible effect on us. Negative thoughts and worries drain us and may cause us to get ill.

There are many ways to get a session in. There is Telehealth available, Online Herbal consult (for existing Patient) and one-on-one sessions starting end of April.

Stay healthy, wash hands and take care.

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