All the news about the coronavirus pandemic has people calling me all day asking for advice.

I get a lot of questions like:
– Can I still come in for treatment?
– How do I strengthen my immune system?
– Are there any herbs I should be taking right now?

Many of us, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and our Herbal community, would like to take this opportunity to share herbs and to educate our patients on how to take herbs to build immunity and to prevent any cold, cough or fever at this time.

Having learned and read clinical cases shared from China, I want to share with you how TCM, specifically Chinese herbs, is being used successfully for COVID-19 patients in China and, for prevention.

I’ve decided to do a webinar to address this and more.

Join me tomorrow, Saturday, 3.14.20 at 1 pm PST for my first webinar.

Sign up:
I will address these questions, the coronavirus, how traditional Chinese medicine can improve your immune system and more:

Some things I will share:

+ Immunity fighting tips

+ Lessons learned from clinicians in China in treating Corona Virus (COVID-19)

+ Chinese medicine herb advice

+ What herbs you need to have in your pantry right now

+ Handwashing tips – like did you know that singing Happy Birthday twice takes about 20-second? There are other fun songs that you can sing beside Happy Birthday twice. 🙂

+ Come in to receive immune boosting acupuncture treatments
(Know that I am changing all bed covers to disposable table paper now, and I will be in masks and gloves.)

+ I have in-home treatments for high-risk patients who are afraid to go out (North County San Diego only)

+ If you can’t come in, I have Skype or Online Facetime available for an herbal consultation. Learn how to schedule.

I think the webinar will go about 45 – 60 minutes depending on the questions I get.

Please join me and register now on this link:
If you can’t join me, that is ok. Please register anyway so that I can send you a replay.

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