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Welcoming Summer, Tibetan Monks Blessings & Travel Musings

by | Jun 27, 2018

Summer is upon us. Warmer weather, warmer ocean, and warmer hearts. We must always remember that we are all blessed to be here today and any day of the year. Even the sunniest days cannot brighten a few folks fighting depression and battling mental health. I want the joy of summer to reflect in all our hearts.

It has been a while since you have heard from me. A few weeks after moving to the office in Carlsbad I traveled home to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Bali. It was my first vacation in a long time. One of my favorite vacation moments was in my hometown of Kuching, Borneo. We were enjoying breakfast at Choon Hui Kopitiam. This is a local breakfast and lunch place we went to when we were kids. Celebrity Chef, Anthony Bourdain made it famous in 2005 on The Travel Channel. He liked it so much he showcased it twice on different shows. It was not long after our family breakfast recounting many happy memories that we learned about Bordain’s suicide. It is very sad to learn of others’ suffering from mental health that they take their own lives. Kate Spade committed suicide in the same time frame. I thought much about this. Being rich, famous, attractive and powerful do not equal happiness or good mental health.

It has been too long since I went on a vacation. Getting unplugged, spending time with family and nature reinforce how important it is to take care of ourselves. We need to take care of our mind and spirit just as much as our physical bodies. In this modern life, with texts, emails, deadlines, pressure from work and family, how do we take the time to sit down and just breath? We have to schedule it. We have to prioritize it. We have to make it happen.

During this time, it allowed me time and space for reflection. It was sweltering hot every day but that did not faze me. I started every morning with meditation, a walk on the beach, breakfast then a massage before going to see a temple. Not too much difference from my San Diego life other than the daily massage and temples. My trip to Bali was also magical. I had incredible experiences receiving blessings at Tanah Lot, visiting Uluwatu and Taman Ayun temples. I recommend everyone travel and take vacations. Make fun a priority but do not forget to take time for your mental and spiritual health. I work at this every day.

In light of the suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, taking time for our mental health needs to be a daily practice. What do I mean by daily practice? A daily practice that develops the foundation of our spirit. It is foremost before all other aspects of our self can grow in a balanced way. A tree without a strong root foundation will still grow but easily toppled over when a storm comes.

Taking time, stepping back and reflecting on your mental health, some questions to ask yourself:

– What kind of music do you listen to? Does it nourish or deplete you?
– What do you watch on TV? Does it nourish or deplete you?
– What kind of people do you surround yourself with? Do they nourish or deplete you?
– What kind of spiritual practice do you do? Does it nourish your soul?
– How much stress do you have? How do you handle it? Does it build you or deplete you?
– What does your inner voice say when you are alone? Is it encouraging or discouraging?
– Does your work nourish or deplete you?

What you choose to put in your body, mind, and spirit shapes your structure internally. What depletes should be slowly minimized, and what nourished should be quantified.

Here is my typical day:
I start my day with meditation. Usually from 4-6AM is my best time to develop my spirit and my connection to the divine. Then I exercise, eat a large breakfast and start work. At the end of the day, I do another hour of meditation to ground the day’s work, give gratitude and deepen my connection to the divine so that I may continue to heal and do work at a higher vibration. The more I develop and anchor my spiritual work, the more I find work and life’s flow becoming easier. Things that used to deplete me in the past no longer have space in my life. Things that nourish me become more easily integrated. When I schedule time in the day for silent meditation, even the universe supports my sadhana (practice). Everything else seems to fall in place.

The years have trained me to be intuitive with myself and others. When I am depleted, I choose not to work. It is because I am not at my best or at the highest vibration to help others. This is the deep self-love that I have cultivated for myself and others since many moons ago. You have to love yourself and take care of yourself before you can take care of others. Compassion starts with yourself. Everyone needs to renew and recharge for you to do your best work.

Do you renew and recharge? Or do you push yourself to your limits till exhaustion? Please find time in your day for your spirit. A walk in nature, be in the ocean, walking among trees or mountains. It does not have to be sitting meditation like mine. What you give to yourself is rewarded more in return.

Everyone needs help at some point in life. Seek help from a professional. A therapist, a counselor, a 3rd party guidance can be more objective in listening as that is their specialty. Find help or choose to do, own, and manage less. This is your life. It is precious.

Sacred Arts of Tibet Tour & Blessing of My Office Video
There was a group of Tibetan Monks from the Dalai Lama’s monastery that toured the USA this May. In addition to attending several powerful group blessings, I had the good fortune of having the monks come to bless my office. It was an incredible experience. My office is glowing with light and love with powerful blessings. Click on the picture to view the short video clip:

Enjoy summer. Take a vacation. I hope to see you soon!

Sidnee Chong, DACMc, L.Ac
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