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Happy Lunar New Year

by | Feb 8, 2018

Happy New Year!
Actually, my New Year starts on Feb 16 – the first day of the Lunar New Year. Also, it is the year of the earth dog.

What are your goals for 2018? Lose weight? Feel healthier? Exercise more? These are common goals to have when new year roles around. What about improving your thoughts and emotions? What about improving your spiritual and energetic health? Many people do not mention this when it comes to goals. Why? They are private. They can be scary. They are things most people do not know how to face, let alone address. These are every bit as important as what you eat and put into your body.

Can our thoughts and feelings change our cells? Yes, they can. According to a Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, mental thoughts can change the molecular structure of water. Our body is more than 75% water. What you feel: joy, sadness, anger, frustration can all have a drastic effect on your body.

So why only focus on your diet? Diet is only one part of our overall health. The other aspects, our emotional and spiritual dimension are important for our overall well-being. So, why not cultivate and grow them? What you say to yourself, your inner voice and others have a very real impact on your overall health.

So with this new year and new moon, what emotions do you want to feel: joy, serenity, humor, passion? Write these words on paper then affix them to your water bottle. Read them out loud to help manifest them. Drink them in and feel the good vibrations!

It’s the year of the earth dog:
The element of Earth is about grounding and building your base. So find ways to care for yourself with acupuncture, massage, Tai Chi, meditation and other grounding work. By bringing more stability in your work, home and family life, your outer world will be more joyful.

The dog sign is an independent and loyal friend. Please be a good friend to yourself first by taking care of your inner voice. Instead of “I am fat”, use “I have some weight to lose but I am taking small steps everyday”. Instead of “I am a mess”, say “I am full of health, vitality and a powerhouse! I am taking charge of my health!” Most importantly when you wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom mirror and say “I love myself. I am grateful to be alive. I am going to have a great day!”

5 herbs you need this season:
A nagging Cough? Use Rosemary – The oil, eucalyptol in this plant helps to loosen chest congestion and soothe the throat. It is rich in anti-inflammatory tannin and can be used in teas (seep in hot water with honey), and pairs well with foods like poultry, apples, potatoes.

Sinus congestion? Use Cayenne – It loosens sinus congestion and pressure. Add a little in foods as the fiery capsaicin deactivates substance P, a neurotransmitter linked to inflammation. Use in root poultry, root vegetables, eggs, and soups.

Tired of being tired? Use Cilantro – The carboxylic acid in this plant helps to remove heavy metals such as mercury in seafood and other foods and carry them out of the body. Over time, a small amount consumed everyday can help to reduce inflammation, joint pain and tiredness. Use in seafood, beans and heavy meats.

Got the winter blues? Add Basil – The eugenol and rosmarinic acid in the plant help the brain to release dopamine and serotonin. Consuming them frequently in small quantities help to lift moods and sleep better. Use with tomatoes, olives, mozzarella, pasta and fish.

Feeling bloated? Add Parsley – As a natural diuretic, it contains apiol and myristicin to reduce bloating due to water retention. It prevents salt from being reabsorbed into the body. Use with grains, pasta, cheese, seafood and soup.

Enjoy the Lunar New Year! Eat well, stay healthy.

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