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8 Tai Chi Breathing Exercises

by | Jul 13, 2016

Tai chi is a centuries-old Chinese martial art that descends from qigong, an ancient Chinese discipline that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Its history dates back as far as 2,500 years. It involves a series of slow, meditative body movements that were originally designed for self-defense and to promote inner peace and calm. As in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi helps the body’s Qi to flow in balance. When the flow of Qi is smooth and balanced, good health is achieved and our body can be free of disease.

There are various forms of Tai Chi, notably the Yang, Wu and Chen style. No matter what style is practiced, they all are conducted slowly, deliberately, and gracefully, with each movement flowing seamlessly into the next without hesitation.

Benefits of regular practice of Tai Chi include:
Improve balance and prevention of fall
Decrease in pain, fatigue and stiffness
Increase strength and endurance
Improve aerobic capacity
Reduce stress
Improve psychological health
Adjunct to cognitive behavioral therapy

In Taiwan, Tai Chi is being adopted by the Taipei Education Department as part of an optional fitness curriculum, particularly for asthmatic school children.

Here is a demonstration by Master Pei-Yi Li on 8 Tai Chi Breathing Exercises. This routine combines ancient Chinese induction techniques, ie, Dao -Yin Gung, in eight body movements.

Click here to view the video

Commentary is contributed by Professor Wei-Zen Sun, MD, Department of Anesthesiology, National Taiwan University Hospital, and Chair, Research Center for Emergency Medical Service, National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan

The video is demonstrated by Master Pei-Yi Li, who is:
President of Taiwan Tai Chi & Wushu Academy
The 13th generation successors of Chen Style Tai Chi
Chairperson of Hong Kong Chen Style Tai Chi Association
Vice President of Hong Kong Tai Chi & Martial Arts Academy
Instructor of “Tai Chi & Health Promotion” program in School of Continuing Education, National Taiwan Normal University
Tai chi therapist in Center for Complementary and Integrated Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture has been proven to work for over 2,500+ years.

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